The fun is in the fizz!!!
Come and tuck in at Fizzy Bits

Fizzy Bits

At Fizzy Bits you will find a nice assortment of the highest quality best selling branded sweets. From traditional to retro, you will find a superb selection of sweetie jars and tubs filled with your favourites - boiled, liquorice, foamy, sour, gummy, jellies and much much more!

Why not try one of our delicious shakes or smoothies to go with your favourite bag of sweets too?

  • Liquorice
  • Midget Gems
  • Sports Mixture
  • Bon Bons
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Cherry Lips
  • Floral Gums
  • And more...


Any selection per 100g £0.80
Choice of smoothies £2.30
Chocolate / Strawberry / Banana / Mini Eggs / Flakes / Smarties / Skittles or create your own from £2.00
Tea £0.60
Coffee £1.00
Hot Chocolate £1.00
Cans from £0.35
Hot Potatoes £1.00
Hot Dogs £2.00
Pie & Mash with Gravy £2.50
Pie & Mash with Liquor £2.80
Chilli Con Carne £2.80